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A bot that brings science to your social feed

Social interaction is more present in science than ever, with scientists sharing and reviewing live on social platforms like Tweeter and Reddit. However these platforms are poorly tooled nonetheless when it comes to scientific content. While they will never be fully tooled, we can improve the situation a little bit by creating tools that can cooperate on such social platforms, hence the idea of a bot answering basic questions to give back a list of the latest papers available per topic.

Its name is publicabot and you can reach out to it on Mastodon via

You can already install it on your own instance, its installation should be simple and is documented on our repository:

You can query it via simple commands: help to see usage, math or physics (or any major ArXiV category) to get the latest papers, and that category followed by a number of papers of your choice to get them all in reverse chronologic order!



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