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OLKi is an academic research project about how language data may enable an ethical Artificial Intelligence to build up knowledge for the good of citizens. Conversely to many other AI projects, OLKi does not aim at making money, thanks to its public funding, but rather at helping citizens, protecting privacy while still leveraging available language data to create smart and benevolent AI researches. To achieve this objective, OLKi leverages interdisciplinary researches performed in academic public laboratories in computer science, mathematics, linguistics, philosophy and media usage in Nancy-Metz, France.

Latest projects

Some of our latest researches...

Workshop 19 Nov. 2019 in Metz

19th, November 2019, Metz, France

NLP summer school

August 2019, Nancy, France

Text mining

from discourse to knowledge

Digital humanities corpus

Elastic querying of a corpus of digital humanities corpus

Green Chemistry

The Lexicon of Green Chemistry

Hate speech

on social networks

Definitions generation

Word definitions in context


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